It all started during year 1998 – ESN’s heart has been beating in Vaasa since that year. Several years, ride in roller coaster could be used as describing ESN’s journey in Vaasa. Until end of year 2013 ESN was operating under the student union of University of Vaasa but it was time for new course.

In January 2014 ESN in Vaasa was reborn – like phoenix from the ashes providing registered association called European Student Network Vaasa, familiarly known as ESN Vaasa. During the past few years ESN operations in Vaasa has been settled by motivated and hardworking local ESNers. Currently ESN in Vaasa means visible and open, easy to approach, one way to become internationalized and especially feeling to be part of a coherent community where all international minded and interested to be internationally minded are more than welcome to join!

ESN Vaasa is part of ESN Finland. ESN Finland is a national student organization working towards international students and mobility. ESN Finland consists of 16 local sections all over Finland. ESN Finland is part of Erasmus Student Network, which operates in 36 countries and almost 400 higher educational institutes. ESN Finland represents the interests of international students in Finland. ESN Finland negotiates national partnerships, meets other national student organizations, organizes national events and support their sections both financially and administratively.

ESN works in the interest of international students, to improve the social and practical integration of international students, motivates students to study abroad, works with the reintegration of homecoming students, cares about its members and values volunteering and active citizenship.

ESN Vaasa provides various cultural related events and activities as a purpose to promote ESN in Vaasa, improve internationalization in Vaasa and gather Finnish and non-Finnish academic students in Vaasa together to feel and enjoy international atmosphere. We are here for everyone, international and Finnish degree and exchange students from all higher education institutes in Vaasa.