What to pack for your Erasmus in Vaasa Worried about forgetting something while packing for your exchange adventure?

Fear not, we are here to give you some tips about what is important to remember, so you limit your expenses upon arrival and can start living your normal life right away, without running to shops to buy things you forgot and running again to the shop because you forgot to buy them the first time you were there.


How to apply for the accommodation for your exchange in Vaasa.

Congratulations! You have been accepted as a student in one of the five Higher Education Institutions of Vaasa. 

What is the next step? You’re probably wondering how to find an accommodation for your stay. Fear not! We are here to help you with that.

Finnish students wearing their overalls and hats during Vappu

You probably have seen the normally colorful overalls that we students wear here in Finland. And the way we love to sew patched in theme (or maybe the sewing part isn’t our favorite part). You might have even bought yourself a pair of ones, from us or someone else and if you haven’t you can still buy (at least from us).

The Hunger Day 2017

This year ESN Vaasa, as a part of the SocialErasmus-project, proudly takes part in the Hunger Day-campaign that is organised by The Red Cross 14-16.9. SocialErasmus aims to involve students through volunteering and charity activities that take social action, and it works for the causes of for instance disaster, environment, health, poverty and violence. These are also essential parts of the work of The Red Cross, which helps when a catastrophe or a serious accident occurs somewhere in the world.


There are probably as many ways of celebrating Midsummer [juhannus] as there are countries, or probably even more.

A group of friends having a picknick.

You might have heard about Vappu? Vappu is International Labor day, May Day, 1st of May. In Finland it's a big celebration for students and workers.

Hello everyone!

Today I will introduce you the finnish food culture. I don’t know if I’m the most qualified person for this, but I guess you’ll judge that!

For us Finns Moomins are very close to our heart, at least for me. The first time I met the Moomins on the TV. It was the “Muumilaakson tarinoita” (Stories from the Moominworld), series that Japanese had done. I don’t know how old I was, maybe something like 3? Less? But I do remember that it was my favorite TV show. As long as I can remember also my parents liked to watch it with me. That’s very understandable, I would still love to watch it all over and over again. I could do that by watching the VHS tapes where we recorded the episodes so that I could watch them whenever I wanted.

1 - The Dinner in the Dark is part of the ExchangeAbility Project, its goal is to raise awareness

A text saying Valentine's day in finland, with a cup in a shape of a heart.

The day of the loving couples is alreadyhere! The day when you give a box of chocolates to your boyfriend/girlfriend or even to your crush. Or is that how it works in Finland?


A picture with a computer map and a camera, above a text saying Welcome to the ESN Vaasa Blog

Welcome to a blog that aims to tell you a bit more about the Finnish culture, must do’s in Vaasa, the small secrets to better understand the North as well as a few random facts that you didn’t know you needed to know!