1 - The Dinner in the Dark is part of the ExchangeAbility Project, its goal is to raise awareness

about visual impairments and the difficulties that students might face during their exchange.

ExchangeAbility works to give every student the same possibility to go in exchange, and every

year ESN sections all over Europe are creating events to raise awareness about impairments

and disabilities and answering the question “What can we all do to improve the accessibility

of all the universities?”



2 - In the Dinner in the Dark organised by ESN Vaasa you will get a three course meal plus

coffee/tea while blindfolded, and this will let you have a whole experience in which eating,

socializing, moving are not the same anymore.















3 - Did you know it’s possible to go in exchange when having an impairment? This project aims to

give rights and possibilities for everyone to go in Erasmus. Mei Lan, ExchangeAbility Ambassador,

has quite a story to tell:




4 - Upon arrival, all the students will be blindfolded and everyone will be escored to their place

by our waiters. They will take care of your needs and also bring you your food. But the rest

of the evening, you’ll have to figure it out yourself. Are you ready?


5 - The dinner will be more interesting than a normal one: the food will have different consistence,

something might be cold while something might be very hot: will you be cautious enough?


6 - Something that you probably did not think about is that you might need a toilet break

during the dinner. What will happen then? Well, our waiters will show you the way,

and then the decision is gonna be up to you.

























7 - Will you be able to guess the ingredients? Be ready, because at the end of the dinner we will ask

you to name them! And will you be able to guess who you are sitting next to? Come and

challenge yourself, and you’ll definitely learn something new.

-Eleonora Matrella

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