Hello everyone!


The best time of your life is coming, are you ready? Have you started packing already or are you

waiting for the last moment to throw everything in the luggage? Whatever your plans are, soon

you will be in Vaasa! The days before the departure will be the most hectic ones, I remember

the night before I left home for my exchange, I couldn't fall asleep and I was extremely excited

and worried about so many things! Here are some tips and advices to make your departure

easier and your exchange fabulous!



First of all, packing the right clothes: you are probably wondering what you should bring and what not,

how cold is it going to be upon your arrival and what are the most important things to remember.

I'm gonna help you with that. What you'll need to wear when you get off the plane/train/whatever

is probably a cotton shirt, with short or long sleeves, and a hoodie or a jacket on top of that.

Vaasa is a very windy city, and even though we can't know how the weather will be in the days

of your arrival, it's always important to have an autumnal jacket with you, as it's possible you'll find

various degrees of difference between the city you come from and Vaasa. It's important to wear layers,

as during the semester the temperatures will slowly go down until reaching the zero quite soon,

while inside the university and any other building it's gonna be warm.

So, cotton shirts are fine and long pants are a way to go during the first period of the semester,

with hoodies and jackets on top; after that, you'll need to have a winter jacket with you, if it is good

against the wind it's even better, and warmer clothes to put under it.


Of course gloves are gonna be a must, first a lighter pair, and later a warmer one.

Scarf and hat are for later in the semester. A good hat is one that covers your ears properly

and doesn't let cold air in there, keep that in mind. If you're planning to visit Lapland, or to stay

more than one semester, things might get more tough, and you'd probably need outdoor pants,

which you can buy for around 40 euros in the supermarkets of the city. Same thing with an outdoor jacket.



You're gonna soon notice that you'll be completely stuffed inside your winter jacket with 3 scarves

and two pairs of gloves, looking like a cosy ball of warmth, while finns will still be wearing a thin jacket,

leggings and sneakers, going around without a scarf, like it's normal and like it's not freaking cold outside.

Well, don't mind them, they are used to it and they can pull it off while someone like me (I'm Italian) would

freeze to death. Just put clothes on until you feel comfortable, and the same with putting them off.

You're gonna survive, I've been outside when -25° was hitting and not only I'm still alive, but I'm still

in Finland after living here 2 years.


If you have any questions or doubts, leave a comment on the fb post! We are here to help you and make

your exchange awesome, don't be shy!


- Eleonora


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