Different parts of Finnish culture, strange or even unbelievable.

Overalls in Finland

You probably have seen the normally colorful overalls that we students wear here in Finland. And the way we love to sew patched in theme (or maybe the sewing part isn’t our favorite part). You might have even bought yourself a pair of ones, from us or someone else and if you haven’t you can still buy (at least from us).

Finnish students wearing their overalls and hats during Vappu


You might have heard about Vappu? Vappu is International Labor day, May Day, 1st of May. In Finland it's a big celebration for students and workers.

A group of friends having a picknick.

Moomins and the Finns

For us Finns Moomins are very close to our heart, at least for me. The first time I met the Moomins on the TV. It was the “Muumilaakson tarinoita” (Stories from the Moominworld), series that Japanese had done. I don’t know how old I was, maybe something like 3? Less? But I do remember that it was my favorite TV show. As long as I can remember also my parents liked to watch it with me. That’s very understandable, I would still love to watch it all over and over again. I could do that by watching the VHS tapes where we recorded the episodes so that I could watch them whenever I wanted.