Hello everyone!

The first month of this year and semester in Vaasa has ended, and February is half way.

Let’s have a look back to what happened and also sum up what we are planning for you awesome international students!

We started with our Get to know ESN Vaasa events at the universities, showing some of the projects and events we would bring to you during these months.

We were so happy to see that many were interested in meeting us and seeing what we planned!


(Picture from Mohannad Zoha)


Also, we had a fabulous Welcoming party where you people had the opportunity to meet other exchange students

and make new friends through games and all kinds of activities during the night, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

So many people registered in the event and had a great night, we hope we’ll see you soon in our next events.


Talking about events...



Let’s have a look to the next happenings that you don’t want to miss, here is what we planned for the rest of February:


ESN Vaasa Trip to Vasatokka: get ready to experience one of the most uncontaminated

and wildest regions of the world, the breath-taking Lapland!

Don’t forget to take pictures to show to your beloved ones when you go back to your home country!



Bedtime Stories Sitsit and Afterparty: if there is one event that you can’t miss in the whole semester,

it’s this amazing nordic style students party where you get to meet new people, eat, drink and sing songs out loud!

We can’t wait to see you at the sitsit AND in the after party!



ESN Vaasa International Dinner Italian Style: the first international dinner of the semester

where you can enjoy some traditional dishes and get to know a new culture!

You will have the possibility to share a nice meal with your friends and other people in an international and relaxed atmosphere.



Cat house Visit: we bring back the cat house visit that had so much success in the autumn,

trying to spread the love for animals and raise awareness to make an impact on society.

This event is part of our SocialErasmus project, go check it out!


We hope to meet you very soon in our amazing events, and keep your eyes open: there’s more and more coming!

(Spoiler alert… sport’s week is coming!)


-Eleonora Matrella

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