YES! This is not a dream anymore! The looong awaited ESN Vaasa Around Town Scavenger Hunt is finally here! You still have time to discover some hidden gems in Vaasa. The sun is shining and days are getting warmer (and longer). Join the ESN Vaasa “Around Town Scavenger Hunt” on Thursday 13th of May! Everyone is welcome to participate!


1. Gather a team of 2-4 people and name your team! 

2. Download the app "Actionbound" from PlayStore or AppStore. 

3. Open the app and join the hunt by scanning the code. Instructions here:

4. Register your team. ONLY ONE PERSON PER TEAM 

*Make sure someone in the group has an Internet connection, as you’ll need it to submit evidence of the completed challenges. 

We will guide you through 5 different locations. At each location, participants will have to answer a question and perform a task. In order to unlock the next checkpoint, your team needs to either answer the question correctly or perform the given task. Do both if you want more points! The team with the most points wins! The challenges will be made visible on 13.5 at 11:00AM. You can start later if you want or even have a lunch/coffee break in the middle. There is no time limit to finish. 


WHAT? ESN Vaasa's Around Town Scavenger Hunt 

WHEN? Thursday, 13th of May from 11:00 AM onwards 

WHERE? City Center (Marketplace) WHY? Discover hidden gems in Vaasa, and have fun! 

HOW MUCH? The event is free of charge! 

WHAT DO YOU NEED? A phone with an Internet connection, a facemask, and good vibes 


Important info #1: Please use your facemask at all times, especially when social distancing cannot be met. Remember to take care of yourselves and others. 

Important info #2: Mind the weather. Please wear proper clothing as you might be outdoors for a little while, and it gets a bit windy colder in the afternoon. 

Important info #3: There will be up to 4 prizes for the winning team, so we highly recommend having no more than 4 people in a team. You can do it alone if you want, but what is life without friends, right? 

Important info #4: Remember to pre-register your team using the Actionbound app 


Should you have any special needs for the event, don't hesitate to let us know! You can easily reach the board through PM or at 

Also, feel free to contact us with any questions or issues regarding the event.

13/05/2021 - 11:00 to 14/05/2021 - 10:45
  • Everyone is invited.