Want to visit Finland's capital city Helsinki? And maybe Tallinn at the same time? ESN Vaasa presents the first trip of the semester 2019: Helsinki-Tallinn trip.

We will visit both the capitals of Finland and Estonia on this 3-day trip on 8.2.-10.2., start on Friday 8.2. at 6 AM and we will be back in Vaasa on Sunday 10.2. around 9 PM. The bus starts from Linna and we will pick up people from Olympia, Suvilahti and Kalliola (select where to pick you in the sign-up form). We have bus transportation from Vaasa and we’ll stay two nights in a hotel in the center of Helsinki (Omena Hotel Lönnrootinkatu) and have a day trip to Tallinn. You have the chance to visit both Helsinki and Tallinn on the same trip.

On our way to Helsinki will have a company visit to the famous Fazer chocolate factory (you can taste the candy already, can't you?). We will also have a pub crawl on Friday, alternatively you can use the time to explore Helsinki on your own. On Saturday we have a 1-day cruise to Tallinn and there you can see the beautiful old town and check the cheap restaurants in the center which is not far from the harbor. We will organize a short walking tour to the most famous places in Tallinn. On Saturday night you can join us to a nightclub in Helsinki if you want or alternatively free time. On Sunday you will have more free time to explore Helsinki and we can have a short walking tour to explore sights. We will leave back to Vaasa at 3 PM.

Short schedule:
Day 1: Sight-seeing, company visit to Fazer, free time or pub crawl in Helsinki
Day 2: 1-day cruise to Tallinn (5-6h time to explore Tallinn), free time in the evening or night club in Helsinki
Day 3: Free time/walking tour until 15.00 when we will be heading back to Vaasa

The early-bird price is 125€ (until 9.1), after that 135€ and it includes 2 nights at the hotel (4 person rooms), all bus transportations and the cruise to Tallinn. Ticket sales start 3.1. at 10 AM. For joining the trip, you have sign-up time until Thursday 17.1. 23.55! And remember the cheaper early-bird price until 9.1.! The tickets are sold online at Bailataan.fi: https://bit.ly/2F1zNyb

WHAT: ESN Vaasa goes Helsinki and Tallinn
WHERE: First Helsinki and then Tallinn
WHEN: 8.-10.2. (Friday-Sunday)
HOW MUCH: Early-bird price 125 euros until January 9th, after that 135 euros (until 17.1.)
WHY: You must see these two beautiful capitals!
Ticket sales start 3.1. at 10 AM: https://bit.ly/2F1zNyb

-- SOLD OUT --

Don’t miss the only Helsinki-Tallinn trip starting from Vaasa this semester together with all your friends!

ALSO remember to take a valid travel ID with you (driving license is not enough) and also check if your visa will allow travel to other countries. If you want insurance, you need to have your own travelling insurance (meaning that we don't provide one) and you can NOT cancel the trip once you have bought it.

08/02/2019 - 06:00 to 11/02/2019 - 20:45