Would you want to experience the most traditional Finnish student party? Have you already experienced sitsit and love them? Want to be in great company for Valentine’s Day?

We at ESN Vaasa invite you to come feel the love through our screens by organising a Valentine’s Day -sitsit party! 

Sitsit is a traditional academic table party originating from the Nordic countries. During this party people eat, play games, sing drinking songs and drink. Sitsit is the most popular student event in Finland and something you’ll have to try to truly experience the Finnish student life. All you need is a free adventurous mind

ESN Vaasa is hosting a Valentine’s day sitsit party on February 12th at 19.00 (Finnish time)! 

Gather together with your closest friends (MAX. 10 people) and join the fun through Zoom. You can also participate in the party by yourself and from anywhere around the world because at this party, distance does not matter. 

To get the authentic sitsit experience, you need 

  • A table around which your group will sit 
  • Something to eat 
  • At least 1 shot and other drinks (or non-alcoholic options) 
  • Your mobile phone 
  • One computer with web camera per group 
  • A flirtatious mood for maximum valentine’s spirit ‼️
  • Only one person per group signs up ‼️ 

You can sign up your group through this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSej6tOAmX3XXn3ohil9n7bewcZ87ZFD...

Sign-up form closes 12.2 at 12.00. 

The sitsit starts at 19.00 Finnish time and the Zoom link and song books will be sent to the email of the person that signed up. They can then share the song books with the rest of the group. The toast masters will explain more in the beginning of the sitsit. 


WHAT: ESN Vaasa’s Valentine’s Zoom Sitsit Party 

WHERE: Zoom (link is sent to the email of the person that signs up the group) 

WHEN: Wednesday 12.2. 19~22 


YOU NEED: A table, something to eat, at least 1 shot and other drinks (or non-alcoholic options), your mobile phone, one computer with web camera per group and all the love you’re willing to share 



Because of the current COVID-19 restrictions, please gather together only with your closest friends



Picture: zaie/freepik

12/02/2021 - 19:00 to 22:00
  • Everyone is invited.