A lot of people have asked how and why they should join ESN Vaasa, so worry no more, we're here to tell you.

First of all lets talk about the easy part: WHY.

Last spring semester ESN Vaasa organized events, alone the discount was 38€ in total. In addition, let's not foget about the local and international the ESNcard discounts.
Thats not bad when the semester membership costs 10€ and the entire year is 15€, right?
There are also tons of discounts for the ESNcard because its an international discount card. For example, are you planning on going traveling during or after your exchange? With the ESNcard you get 10% off bookings through HotelsCombined as well as at HostellingInternational! And when you are travelling to other cities in Europe where ESN is present, there are local discoutns, available with the ESNcard! Check out more at ESNcard.org

So we can safely say that becoming a member of ESN Vaasa is a bargain!

Now it's logical to continue on HOW to join.

It's easy!
First fill out a membership registration form here.

But "WHERE" you might wonder, do you go for paying and getting the card?

If you are following our facebook group and email (which you automatically do after filling out the form previously mentioned), you make sure to always know when the next membership confirmations take place!
The next ones (in this writing moments are):
Get to Know ESN Vaasa @Åbo Akademi, 5.1.2017, 16.30, after the presentation
Get to Know ESN Vaasa @University of Vaasa, 11.1.2017, 16.30, after the presentation
Get to Know ESN Vaasa @Novia, 6.2.2017, 16.30, after the presentation

Then you can show up to those events with cash and a passport sized picture.

Unfortunately we do need a physical picture, but there's good news.
The picture can also be printed on normal paper in black and white so no need to worry about that.
Do please follow the

Also unfortunately we do not accept credit or debit cards at the moment.

We are looking forward go getting you as our member, and would you have any questions you can always hit "contact" or message us on Facebook!

We are waiting for you!