Announcement NA June 2024

ESN Finland news - Fri, 24/05/2024 - 22:02

Hi network,

This news post is to officially notify you that our next general meeting, NA June 2024 Online, will be taking place on Google Meet on the 10th of June 2024 from 17:00 EEST (Helsinki time).

The agenda of the NA will, among other things, include the following:

- Amending our Code of Conduct

- Electing a Treasurer for mandate 24-25

- Approving membership transfers

- Discussion about incident reports


We hope to have informed you sufficiently with this post. Have a great week!

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Announcement of NA May 2024 Online

ESN Finland news - Mon, 22/04/2024 - 16:43
Hi network,   This news post is to officially notify you that our next general meeting, NA May 2024 Online, will be taking place on Google Meet on the 6th of May 2024 from 17:00.   The agenda of the NA will include the following:
  • Amending our Code of Conduct
  • Amending our statutes and standing orders
  • Electing new board members
  • Approving membership transfers
We hope to have informed you sufficiently with this post. Have a great week!
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Meet the Section in the Spotlight for January - ESN Pisa

ESN International news - Tue, 05/03/2024 - 21:36
Tuesday, 5 March, 2024 - 20:36

Let’s play a game of truth or dare, shall we?

DARE: Try to ask any volunteer of ESN Pisa the following question: “What does ESN mean to you?”

We bet you that the majority of them if not all, will reply: “ESN is a family”. Which is the TRUTH. This is actually the best way in which we could describe ESN Pisa: a local association that keeps recruiting new people every year, adding volunteer after volunteer, somehow still managing to keep the focus of its work on the most important thing ever: the people.


ESN Pisa is now almost 24 years old: it was founded in late October of 2000. In the following years, it kept growing and improving, developing relationships with other local and national non-profit associations on the more-than-solid basis of shared values and interests.

The association now counts 97 volunteers, divided into 59 active members, 26 newbies and 12 alumni, for more than 650 Erasmus students. At the beginning of their experience in ESN Pisa, volunteers can choose to join two of the five committees of the association: Communication, Causes, Trips, Sport, Night and Local Events. The organisation of every single committee is strongly linked to that of the others: one of the main aspirations of ESN Pisa is that every volunteer should be encouraged to engage in the largest possible variety of events if they want to so that a) they can have the full ESN experience, and b) they can discover their own strengths and work on their weak points, in this volunteering project that honestly feels just like growing up.


“The world is small, but Pisa is smaller and full of people from any corner. So the opportunities are limitless”, - Gabriele Nerucci, President of ESN Pisa



This obviously leads to lots of teambuilding moments for the volunteers, which can also lead to the beginning of everlasting, deep, sincere, beautiful friendships. And this is, actually, one of the (if not the main) strengths of this section: as the current Communication Manager Chiara Cona says, “We are actually like a family: regardless of who we are, the faculty we’re in, our job, what we are doing in our real lives, we truly care about each other, and we help each other every step of the way.”

This seems to perfectly embody the concept of “network”, that magic word that each one of us has been using daily since joining ESN, and that can actually be the passepartout to countless opportunities.


1, 2, 3…600 FAMILY MEMBERS

This family-like ambience among the volunteers of the association is reflected in the events they organise. Every year, ESN Pisa helps hundreds and hundreds of international students and trainees who come to Pisa, thinking they will have some sort of abroad experience and leave (well, the majority of them, of course) in love with the city, with the culture, with the country and, thanks to other local ESN associations, with the other cities we have visited.

As for the relationship with these international students and trainees studying and/or working in Pisa, the main goal of ESN Pisa is to give each and every student a chance to immerse themselves fully in Italian culture. This happens not only through the discovery of Pisa, Tuscany and the rest of Italy but also by letting them engage in activities with other associations, raising awareness on topics such as environmental sustainability and social inclusion. Anything to make them feel part of the family like they are at home.

There are many highlights to these kinds of activities. Still, the all-time favourites are probably the city tours, the several afternoons at the museums, the international picnics, “EATalia” (a format in which one or more volunteers turn into chefs for one night and invite some Erasmus students to cook a typical Italian dinner together) as well as many others.

Every year, the chances to engage in activities organised by other associations, such as Legambiente and the Italian Red Cross, are countless.


“Honestly, we are just so cute and friendly”, - Francesco Riva, Vice-President


Students UNIted in diversity 

While working with these other associations, ESN Pisa also interacts with the University of Pisa and other local institutions. As of today, the relationship between the association and the university is quite solid, resulting in the promotion of ESN by the university, close cooperation for the welcome weeks and several other events throughout the years, and good yearly funding used to support future events.

There are, of course, challenges, difficult moments, slow moments and events that turn out to be unsuccessful. But this only represents a chance to analyse, learn and improve. Even if only one person recognises ESN Pisa as a home away from home, the association will have fulfilled its goal.

Written by: Emma De Rosa, ESN Pisa
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Announcement of NA December Online 2023

ESN Finland news - Tue, 28/11/2023 - 16:17
Hi network,   This news post is to officially notify you that our next general meeting, NA December Online, will be taking place on google meet on the 13th of December 2023 from 17:00.   The agenda of NA December Online will at least include the following:
  • Electing new board members
  • Electing new operations inspectors
  • Updating our collaboration agreement with Timetravels
  • Amending our statutes and standing orders. 
We hope to have informed you sufficiently with this post. Have a great week!
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Section in the Spotlight: Working together towards integration — ESN Groningen

ESN International news - Fri, 24/11/2023 - 14:47
Friday, 24 November, 2023 - 13:47Old city with a young heart 

Welcome to the vibrant city of Groningen, where students from around the world come together to study, live and work. Nestled in the northern part of the Netherlands, Groningen is a true university town. Thanks to its numerous educational institutions, the city is home to a large student population, with nearly 25% of the overall population being students. This makes Groningen not only the Dutch city with the highest student density but also the youngest city in the Netherlands and even one of the youngest cities in Europe. Echoing the sentiment of the common Dutch saying, "Er gaat niets boven Groningen" (There is nothing above Groningen), this phrase encapsulates the unrivalled essence of Groningen. This saying not only resonates within the local community but also embodies the spirit of internationals who find a home away from home in this exceptional city. At the heart of this international experience lies ESN Groningen, a dynamic and inclusive community dedicated to fostering cross-cultural connections and creating unforgettable memories, making it the perfect complement to the unmatched charm of Groningen itself.


First and foremost 

Established in 1987, ESN Groningen has since come a long way. Under the motto “Students helping students”, the section has evolved into a dynamic force, organising over 150 activities annually for students. These initiatives include a grand Introduction Week at the beginning of each semester, ensuring that the approximately 3000 new incoming students embark on their Groningen experience with the best possible start. These weeks are the largest Introduction Week for international and internationally oriented students in Groningen. Packed with events with info about the city, local associations on Sports and Culture Day, parties with live bands, and practical activities like Dutch language lessons and a crash course on “how to bike”, this week is the best week to lay the foundation for friendships throughout their time in Groningen.

To ensure everything runs smoothly, the ESN Groningen Board is composed of six dedicated students working full-time to enhance the overall experience for ESN's members. This core team collaborates with 10 committees boasting 70+ active members, all passionately contributing to the planning and execution of events throughout the year. To motivate and encourage these volunteers, we have a Committee Competition in which active members do all sorts of fun challenges, dances, and activities to earn points. In doing so, the committees compete against each other in a friendly manner to enhance teamwork, creativity, and the overall impact of their events. Nothing beats the friendly competition!

Something for everyone 

Whether you are an exchange student, a degree student or doing an internship, ESN Groningen offers a lot of activities. In line with the causes of ESN, ESN Groningen's mission lies in a commitment to celebrate diversity and increase local integration. Language cafes and International Dinners are just a glimpse of these activities. One event that is truly special is Integration Night, offering students the chance to partake in various traditional activities within the historic buildings of the city's largest Dutch student associations. The primary aim of the night is to provide a platform for both local and international students to come together, socialise, and foster cross-cultural connections.

Then, of course, to cater to all the party lovers, there are weekly ESN Wednesdays, pub quizzes and monthly themed parties. For people who are more interested in live music, our signature event, Live Music Night (LMN), goes beyond the typical concert experience. With over 60 musicians uniting to play music from all over the world, LMN stands as a powerful symbol of inclusivity. From classic tunes to traditional melodies, LMN fosters an environment where everyone can come together, connect, and share in the joy of music. Every semester, it is great to see that these events attract more people and have become a staple in ESN Groningen.

Another Section's highlight is the excursions, created by its own Excursion Committee, dedicated to unveiling the world's beauty to students, whether within the Netherlands or beyond. The committee thrives on the idea that travelling makes the world connected. Without travelling, you will not discover new places, new cultures and new ideas. In the spirit of this, they invite students to join them on an adventure. Be it a day trip navigating the picturesque canals of Giethoorn or exploring the vibrant streets of Copenhagen, each excursion is thoughtfully curated to offer a distinctive blend of history, culture, and adventure. These experiences not only showcase the beauty of the destinations but also foster connections among the participants, creating memories that last a lifetime.


Building Blocks for Success

However, ESN is not just about fun and travel; ESN Groningen is well aware of that. In Groningen, various projects and programmes are in place to ensure a smooth start for incoming students. The Buddy Programme, for instance, pairs incoming international students with local buddies creating a supportive network that extends beyond academic studies. These buddies not only assist with practical matters but also contribute to a sense of belonging by helping students navigate the city

Recognising the power of language as a connector, the Language Exchange Programme of ESN Groningen is designed to foster an inclusive environment for both incoming and local students. This initiative encourages students to engage in one-on-one language exchange, where shared language experiences not only enhance communication skills but also cultivate a profound appreciation for the diverse languages and cultures present in Groningen. 

Last but not least, since last year, the Ambassador Programme has played a crucial role in supporting students who may find studying abroad challenging in the beginning. This programme aims to promote international mobility and instil courage in students contemplating exchange experiences. By matching individuals — from local students (Dutch or international) with exchange experience to those seeking guidance — the Ambassador Programme provides a valuable support system for those navigating the complexities of studying abroad.

Final words 

In the heart of Groningen, ESN Groningen stands as a testament to the city's unique charm, celebrating diversity and fostering a sense of community. As it continues to evolve its Introduction Weeks, activities and programmes, ESN Groningen remains dedicated to its mission of connecting cultures and creating memories that echo the sentiment ingrained in the local saying "Er gaat niets boven Groningen." Whether you are a prospective student or a current member of the ESN Groningen community, they invite you to be part of a community where every experience is a chance to discover, learn, and create memories that last a lifetime. See you in Groningen!

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Announcement of NA Suomenlinna

ESN Finland news - Fri, 27/10/2023 - 19:03
Hi network,   This news post is to officially notify you that our next general meeting, NA Suomenlinna, will be taking place at Hostel Suomenlinna, Suomenlinna C 9, 00190 Helsinki, from Friday 10 November 2023 at 16:30 to Sunday 12 November 2023 at 16:30. While registrations for the meeting closed a while back, section 7.2 of our statutes obligates us to publish an official meeting call for our general meetings at least two weeks before it takes place, which is why this news post was placed on our website. Remote participation at this meeting will not be possible, which means all sections that cannot have a representative at the meeting in person need to delegate their vote to someone else who is attending.   Have a great weekend!
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Activity in the Spotlight: Erasmus in All Colours by ESN UCT Prague

ESN International news - Mon, 19/06/2023 - 12:51
Monday, 19 June, 2023 - 11:51

Being part of the LGBTQIA+ community while on Erasmus may sound like a tricky combination, but thankfully the volunteers from ESN have found ways to make each international student feel safe and respected in such a multicultural and diverse atmosphere. One of these good examples comes from the ESN sections in Prague and ESN CZ that organise and support the initiative “Erasmus in All Colours”.

The event is nothing new for the ESN volunteers from Prague: it is, in fact, a tradition already - with 6 previous editions. The most recent one happened at the beginning of March 2023 and gathered more than 100 participants - both local and international students united in their willingness to learn more about LGBTQIA+ topics and the current situation in the Czech Republic regarding people from this community. “Erasmus in All Colours” has a special place in the event calendar of the local volunteers. There is even more potential for it to become a more prominent and recognisable initiative promoting the awareness and empowerment of the LGBTQIA+ community. So far, it is a one-day event that includes presentations, workshops, a discussion forum, as well as icebreaker games, a drag show and an afterparty. In other words, it is indeed an event that celebrates diversity by teaching you new things and providing you with a safe environment to feel and express yourself.

What makes the event very diverse in content as well, is the collaboration between the ESN sections in Prague with LGBTQIA+ student clubs (from Charles University for example) that enrich the agenda and give more insight to the whole event. What’s more, the moderators and facilitators are members of the LGBTQIA+ community, eager to answer the questions of the participants and help them shape what this community stands for and how it improves diversity in our society.

Some of the ESN volunteers shared that the biggest achievement after the last event was that the Erasmus students themselves took the initiative. They created an informal WhatsApp chat for LGBTQIA+ people where they exchanged recommendations, ideas and good practices, they started going together to drag shows and other events in the city and in general they found a safe space.

The feedback from the event has been positive, which encourages the ESN members to keep up the good work and think about how to make it even better. They told us that even though it may be tiring to organise and coordinate such an event, in the end, the result is rewarding and they see the positive change in thinking among their peers and communities.

“Being international is being diverse!”

It is very rewarding to see that the event “Erasmus in All Colours” was a great success and even other sections from ESN CZ have reached out to get some tips on how to organise similar events on the topic. The most rewarding part of it is that not only the international students but also the volunteers are more educated on LGBTQIA+ topics and more tolerant in their daily lives. Sharing experiences from locals and people coping with similar issues helps others in the community feel understood and free to speak.

We hope that ESN UCT Prague will keep up with creating space for this initiative and inspire more people to do so!


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Announcement NA June Online

ESN Finland news - Thu, 01/06/2023 - 19:54

ESN Finland's NA June Online will be held on Thursday 22.6.2023 at 17:00!

Agenda of the this NA June Online is quite straightforward. Topics on the agenda are:
- election of National Board President and other National Board members for the mandate 23-24
- approval of NA minutes
- transferring banking rights

The NA June is open for all the members! Please feel free to share the invitation to your section active and board members. Link to join the NA June Online 2023:

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Section in the Spotlight: ESN en UV

ESN International news - Mon, 15/05/2023 - 16:36
Monday, 15 May, 2023 - 15:36

Here is the Section in the Spotlight for April - ESN en UV! Let's get to know the biggest section in Valencia and its fantastic initiatives.

ESN en UV was founded in 2011 by five members, and here they are today with 80 active volunteers. With the motto “there is strength in unity”, they work tirelessly together with their neighbours ESN Valencia UPV and ESN UCV to promote their Mediterranean city full of magic and ensure an amazing mobility experience for incoming students and trainees.

When you look at their event calendar you will see that they are busy as a bee but it is certain that they have fun at the same time. They organise many activities, ranging from parties to sports events, from trips to social responsibility projects and many more. Alongside their fixed calendar (different theme parties and International Dinner every other Tuesday, beer pong on Wednesdays, cultural events every Sunday, and beach cleaning every month) they have organised various health and well-being activities such as surfing, running, zumba, volleyball, dodgeball (yes!), etc., plus some unique events such as soap making, zero waste tour, axe throwing (taking the necessary safety measures of course), and 8th of March Banner Workshop. When it comes to parties, the variety is large - they have Spring and Easter Parties, Traffic Light Party, their famous Meeting Points, and multiple Fallas Parties to celebrate the festival in Valencia with the well-known mascletà (a firework show during the day). But do they organise trips? Say no more! They arrange plenty of trips within the city and country, and they promote ESN Spain’s National Events as well. They even hosted the Evento Nacional: Valencia in October last year for the second time since 2019. 

However, in ESN we do not only have fun and travel, and they know that very well. They are very good at implementing multiple principles of ESN (the so-called Causes) in their events. For example, they organised an Erasmus in Schools project on Christmas combining it with social inclusion by motivating local students to write Christmas letters to elderly people. Bringing up this subject, we should not forget their other inclusive initiatives such as LGBTQ+ friendly events (Rainbow Meeting Points), safe zones for both members of the community and women, and activities with refugees and elderly people held jointly with local associations.

On their superb Instagram page, besides the colourful memories from their events,  ESN en UV often marks important days such as International Women’s Day, Transgender Day, Equal Pay Day, Day of Women and Girls in Science, Day of Persons with Disabilities, etc. It should be noted that their posts are in English, which also is proof of how inclusive they are, and through their communication they promote the responsible drinking campaign within the Responsible Party initiative.

The section has many local partners that can be found on their website, highlighting an interesting partnership with the tattoo studio Inkpulso within which they provide discounts for the Erasmus Memories tattoo collection so that the mobility people remember their experience for good. 

But how do they cope with multitasking? Well, the answer is hidden in their comprehensive structure and volunteer management strategy. Every local board member of ESN en UV has their community. This helps with the division of tasks in the short term and preparing future board members in the long term. Additionally, they have groups for the different Causes, which is the reason for the diverse and rich activities the section organises. Yet, “ESNing” does not always mean working hard but also having fun and bonding with other volunteers. ESN en UV sustains their members' motivation by keeping their WhatsApp groups active and sending funny memes  (who doesn't love that, right?). They hold local platforms to discuss their strategy but also regularly meet online with their buddy section in Italy - ESN Torino, which expands their members' network. They try to meet outside of ESN, particularly inviting newer members as well since this strengthens their internal communication. 

ESN en UV is a pretty active section constantly trying to improve the experience of thousands of mobility students and trainees coming to their city every year and to organise impactful activities enriching society. They have learnt to never give up in the face of a challenge and always try to make progress. Their Communication Manager Rocco Gargiulo says, “ESN is like a place where you can make mistakes, the important thing is to learn from them. If you have an idea, we can do it, we can put the idea into reality.” 

Written by Deniz Hızlı

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NA May Online Announcement!

ESN Finland news - Mon, 08/05/2023 - 20:26

NA May Online will take place on Monday 29th of May starting at 18:00. Agenda includes for example the election of Arbitration Board members for mandate 1.1.2023-31.12.2024.

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NA Saimaa announcement!

ESN Finland news - Sat, 04/03/2023 - 05:14

ESN Finland's Spring NA, NA Saimaa takes place on 17-19.3.2023 in Lappeenranta! Spring NA entails the election of the 23-24 NB, AB 23-24, action plan 23-24 and budget 23-24.

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Section in the Spotlight: Bonded with international students - ESN CZU Prague

ESN International news - Tue, 28/02/2023 - 21:09
Tuesday, 28 February, 2023 - 20:09

There are around 380 international students coming to the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague each semester. Now, there are around 13 active volunteers of ESN CZU Prague that make sure those students have the time of their life

ESN CZU Prague works with the university to enhance the quality of mobility for incoming students. The University often contacts the section to show up at the events organised by different faculties. This is a great opportunity to talk to local students and tell them more about the opportunities for youth, but also the ESN section itself. Additionally, there is cooperation between ESN CZU Prague and student associations that results in networking and joint events. The section also has an alumni network they collaborate with. 

On the first days of introducing students to life in Prague, they do campus tours and in the evening ice-breaking games at the pubs. Up next - and cannot be forgotten - the city tours! Prague is a real gem to discover. On the Welcome Week weekend, small Prague trips are organised, to beautiful places also outside the city.

They make trips around the Czech Republic for international students - it’s an easy way to stay connected. It happens often that international students take part in trivia organised by the section where they can gather in a pub or cafe and get warm and cosy.  

"Being part of the team is one of the most exciting things, showing students around, and guiding them with information. Every time we make a trip, we can see the gratitude. Making the trip happen is difficult, but when it's done, it’s rewarding!" - says, the current Communication Manager of the ESN CZU Prague, Jana.


Copyright: ESN CZU Prague

When asked about their ways of keeping the international community engaged, they explained that communication is the key and a proper way - an impactful way of addressing things to others. Giving people more information and answering their needs leads to success.

"I think we are engaging the students to stay with us; it’s based on the relationship. We are with them from the very beginning. The Welcome Week is the most crucial one to make all the connections. Students really need us, and they know we’re there for them. That’s also why they join our activities and events", continues Jana.

Balance between life and organising events

Of course, sometimes it may be difficult to find time and meet all the demands.

"Staying in the community of Erasmus people is the best. They are open-minded, and it’s easy to talk with them. Our section is full of great people, we’re like another small family. When you do the events and you get feedback from students, asking for even more - that’s my motivation. When we joined ESN, it was during the pandemic, and we did it because we wanted to meet people. It was also after my Erasmus and I wanted to stay in that community", shares Jana. 

Copyright: ESN CZU Prague

By the initiative of one of the members, the section started to work with a calendar to plan everything. It’s just another step that helps out in making even more diversified activities. 

They also post on Telegram and try to reply to all of the questions. Students share feedback with them after the events, but more often they come to the members in person during the events. 

Copyright: ESN CZU Prague

The Dreamers

"I just stepped into ESN and took over. When I think about doing something, I stick to that. As the President, I’m determined to take care of my section and motivate the members. Sometimes, there is lots of pressure and information coming to me, however, I won’t give up. I wish more people would go with me to the statutory national events and there were more members, to have more support, knowledge for the section as there has not been enough knowledge transfer", - says Teresa.

What can be therefore a takeaway for all the ESN volunteers that want to promote their initiatives among incoming and local students?

"Take advice from the experienced ones, don’t panic if there is a problem. You’re doing it for students and we’re volunteering. Do it for fun because fun is what you want to take from the events", - says Teresa. 

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How can ESN make an impact on your mental health? - ESN Venezia and Activity in the Spotlight

ESN International news - Tue, 31/01/2023 - 18:07
Tuesday, 31 January, 2023 - 17:07

How can being a volunteer help you improve your mental Health? What can we do to improve the lives of the Erasmus students coming to our city? Why should mental health be that important in our lives?

These were some of the questions that led ESN Venezia to organise “Volunthealing”, the Event that won the Activity in the Spotlight of October. How is an event like this born? Let’s dive in ESN Venezia!

Life in the Laguna

Venezia is a city in the North East of Italy, built on 118 small islands, all located in the Venetian Lagoon (or Laguna Veneta in Italian) and separated by canals and over 400 bridges. It has been the capital of the Republic of Venice for more than a millennium, making the city the most important centre of trade and commerce.

It’s no wonder that approximately 1000 students decide yearly to come to this city for their Erasmus. ESN Venezia is always ready to welcome them and make their experience meaningful.

The Importance of Mental Health

Mental Health has always been an essential topic to the ESN volunteers of Venezia: as most of them are not from the region, getting settled in such a particular city as this one can be tricky, if not impossible. ESN gave them a lifeline, and this changed their perspective on volunteering.

When the situation presented itself, the Section members didn’t think twice. They started drafting an idea that soon became a reality.

They wanted to organise an event that focused on the importance of volunteering on mental health for everyone, from the volunteer to their target audience, the Erasmus students. Thanks to the help of the ESN’s Eduk8 team, a project which focuses on developing the skills of young people through non-formal education, and the Italian Pool of Trainers, “Volunthealing” was born, and they drafted together a Training Session Outline (TSO) for the Event.

The Event

“Volunthealing” lasted for three days. It was composed of different events targeting different audiences, from the local community to the international students of Venezia.

The local environment played an essential role in this event, granting a more personal approach to it from the volunteers and giving a more significant social impact to the Section; this allowed ESN Venezia to explore new possibilities.

On the first day of the event, the Section organised two sessions, both held in Italian, about the importance of volunteering on mental health: the first one was a lesson held by a psychotherapist that focused on the impact that volunteering can have and how it can be one of the best ways to express one’s love for life; the second session was a training organised by Pool of Trainers.

Starting from simple questions such as “What are the things that can influence the mental health of a foreign student when coming to Venezia?” the training moved to a proactive approach on how to address these issues: how can the Section, the University and the Institutions intervene to make the process of settling in easier?

The second day began with Venezia Football Club giving ESN Venezia tickets for a match: supporting the city's football club was an opportunity to make the Erasmus Students feel like citizens and not tourists for one day. This was a unique and complete experience: the stadium is located on an island, so you can reach it with a vaporetto and have an aperitivo before attending the match. “Mens sana in corpore sano”; after the game, to help achieve a healthier mind thanks to a healthier body, they organised a yoga lesson in Sant’Elena. Besides the activity, the participants also had the opportunity to experience a view of the Laguna and St Mark’s Basilica. 

On the last day, ESN Venezia organised a round table during an aperitivo: the focus of the open discussion was about what ESN could do to positively impact the mental health of exchange students and make them feel part of the city they’re studying in.

What’s Ahead of Us

This event led the Section to start wondering about their position in the city of Venezia. New activities they are organising aim to make ESN Venezia more involved in the city’s society and engage in something that can benefit Venezia thanks to their strength and proactivity. 

Now the Erasmus students have stopped being only the target of the activities; they are active participants, making a massive difference for the city.

Some events that ESN Venezia is organising involve Addolciamo l’Autismo, a pastry shop run by people in the spectrum and a retirement home: during the last few weeks, several Erasmus students baked some typical, traditional pastries. They also participated in one of the most traditional activities of winter holidays, a Tombola in the retirement home.

This event and what the Section is now doing because of it is the perfect example of how a simple concept (the importance of mental health) can influence us and our work as volunteers to have a positive impact on the local communities, bringing the international students closer to them and helping their integration through active participation and volunteering.

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NA Online #1 2023 Announcement

ESN Finland news - Thu, 22/12/2022 - 22:02

NA Online #1 will take place on 5th of January 2023 at 17:00. Electiona for remaining NB 22-23 positions and operations inspector for NB 2022-2023 will take place during the NA. Link will be posted here later.

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Improving the local experience - ESN Evora and the Activity in the Spotlight

ESN International news - Sun, 11/12/2022 - 15:46
Sunday, 11 December, 2022 - 14:46

“I want to provide a supportive environment for members and students”.

“My goal is to integrate students into the local community”.


With the Tunas Night event, ESN Évora won the Activity in the Spotlight in October, appointed by the Network Committee of ESN International. For local volunteers from Portugal, it is time to shine and let the world know about the factors that make their events unique.

For starters

In case you are wondering, Évora is located in the South-East of Portugal. Its origins date back to antiquity and Celtic tribes living there before the Roman conquest.

There should be no question about the choice of international students that come to Évora to experience the rich culture. This semester alone, over one hundred students came here for their mobility and ESN Évora welcomed them with a warm spirit that made their arrival feel like home.

The Event You’d Love to Be a Part of

Tunas Night is a common event for Welcome Week in Évora, as it allows the exchange students to encounter Portuguese culture through the typical "tuna" music groups that spread the perpetuity of academic spirit.

For the event, the participants gathered in an auditorium. The performance started with the opening act by the whole group, followed by the presentation of each member and the music itself. They wore traditional black clothes and their music filled the room with wonder. The entire tradition in the academic environment is unique. Additionally, mobility students are welcomed to see what praxe looks like. In Evora, there is a tradition of initiation - hazing - where the 3rd-year students involve 1st-year students in the community.

The Family

ESN Évora currently has around 20 active members. What describes the section best is the word “teamwork”. It starts with creating an event calendar together, from preparing to helping out during the initiatives. They have their backs and support each other as they know that each opinion in their section matters. 


“We can always count on each other, especially when it comes to decision-making. When we need a common opinion, we just ask, because they are really active, help as much as they can, brainstorm and simply make this section better” says Filipa, who is the local board member responsible for finance.

Events Melting Pot

The members of ESN Évora take care of organising events that students would not come across anywhere else. There are also recurring events (such as karaoke or trivia nights) because they know their exchange students’ needs and interests.

“I entered the section during the pandemic, it was hard to motivate myself. Once I started meeting people and hanging out with mobility students, I realised that there’s a whole new world you can live in, and that’s inspiring: people are very different from each other but they still connect.

Getting connected - the power of collaborations

The section is active also in working together on joint projects. It is a way to help internationals in a variety of ways, yet with the same goals. 

One of the collaborators is FEA - Fundação Eugénio de Almeida, which works on a voluntary basis as well. Another one is with a feminist group Núcleo Feminista de Évora, who participate in actions together on stopping violence against women or create a support group for minority groups.

Having the impact

ESN Évora represents every bit of local heroes that truly care about the international newcomers. With such a spirit, they have a tangible impact on the academic community, steady contact with exchange students and the list of possibilities is constantly being developed, also through the power of local collaborations.

“Just when international students do something meaningful, they experience getting to know the community, and they don’t feel like outsiders”, explains Madalena, the local vice president.  “To me, events through which we integrate international students can also be impactful because they mean students are not left alone. It can change their lives as well”, adds Filipa. 

There is however one question that still needs to be answered: What’s the recipe for a successful ESN section?

“Not seeing each other as coworkers. You choose to work together and do it well while doing it. We became a family. Of course, sometimes we get annoyed with each other but that’s normal. At the end of the day, it’s amazing to see international students and ESN volunteers grow together”.


Stay tuned to their activities and follow their social media:



Activity in the Spotlight is a project led by ESN's Network Committee which features outstanding projects within the local associations of ESN to inspire others and learn about the diversity and impact of the Network.


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NA Blooming Announcement

ESN Finland news - Mon, 19/09/2022 - 10:50

ESN Finland's Autumn National Assembly NA Blooming will take place in Jyväskylä between 21st to 23rd of October 2022.

The topics include the election of National Board members for the still open positions and election of Arbitration Board. There will also be networking and training oppurtunities for the participants.

The participation fee is 75e per person and it includes:

- accommadation for 2 nights

- food

- social programme

- patch

Every section will have 2 quaranteed spots.



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NA Online III Announcement 22.8.2022 at 17:00

ESN Finland news - Mon, 08/08/2022 - 18:31

NA Online III will take place on Monday the 22nd of August at 17:00. 

Location: Online 

Topics: Contract renewals eg.

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NA Online I/2022 Announcement

ESN Finland news - Tue, 26/04/2022 - 19:24

The NA Online I/2022 will take place Sunday 22nd of May at 16:00. More information can be found in the emails, social media and Slack channel.

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NA Sin City Announcement

ESN Finland news - Tue, 01/03/2022 - 15:13

Are you ready for madness? The National Board of ESN Finland is hereby inviting you to our sinful world - the upcoming National Assembly Sin City (yes, it will be taking place physically!). The NA will be taking place between the 18th of March to 20th of March in Helsinki. Below you have all the necessary details.

The topics of the NA Sin City and what we will be voting on are the election of the NB 2022-2023, the election of NB 2021-2022 for the remaining period, budget proposal 2022-2023, action plan 2022-2023, membership fee 2022-2023, KISA's ESN membership, and transferring the banking rights to NB 2022-2023. More information can be found on the attached agendas. 

Open calls for the NB 2021-2022, NB 2022-2023 and NA Autumn 2022 OC will be sent on Tuesday 1.3.2022.

You can register by accessing the following LINK. Each section has guaranteed 2-3 spots. You can register more but then you have to send a priority list to More information at the event registration. Registrations will be open until 7.3.2022.


Fill in the Vote Delegation Form and upload the vote delegation paper there. If your section cannot attend the NA, it is a requirement to delegate your vote to another section by filling out the same delegation form. The Vote Delegation Paper is attached below. The deadline to fill in the form and to send the vote delegation paper is 15.3.2022 at 23:59.


The participation fee is sixty (60) euros and it includes:

  • 2 nights of hotel accommodation from Friday to Sunday
  • Full reservation of a private event venue 
  • 2 x Breakfast (Saturday, Sunday)
  • 2 x Lunch (Saturday, Sunday)
  • 2 x Dinner (Friday, Saturday)
  • Transportation in Helsinki
  • Social programme
  • Coffee breaks 


Please, remember that you should pay the participation fee as soon as you get the spot approval, no later than 8.3.2022. Your final registration is confirmed as soon as we receive your payment.

Hope to see many of you at the NA Sin City!

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NA Online IV/2021 announcement

ESN Finland news - Tue, 30/11/2021 - 23:58

Date and time: 14th of December  2021

Place: Google Meet or Zoom (a link will be sent to everyone on our mailing list)


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