ESN Finland Noses

ESN Finland news - Fri, 23/10/2015 - 14:09
ESN Finland noses

ESN Finland has decided to get on board to help the children of developing countries. Our aim is to raise as much funds as we can and also to raise awareness on the campaign!

In addition to this the ESN sections in Finland will organise different activities and events to raise awareness on the campaign. You can donate through our team via this link.


The Red Nose day campaign supports the children of developing countries. Read more

Together we can do great things and help the children of OUR world! Thank you for your support - each and every donation counts!


Picture: Representatives of ESN Finland in Northern European Platform of ESN.


This activity by ESN Finland is organised as part of the SocialErasmus project of ESN.

You can read more about SocialErasmus from the website:

More information: ESN Finland Noses Team
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ESN Finland invites its sections to the Skype National Platform V of 2015

ESN Finland news - Thu, 06/08/2015 - 17:20

ESN Finland invites sections to the Skype National Platform V of 2015.

The next National Platform is to be held on Thursday 20th of August @ 18:00! As in the previous meeting, it isextremely important to reach the quorum in order to renew the DNA contract.

Each section can send 1 delegate member to the meeting. We can host only 1 connection/section, but there can be more participants through the connection. If the section is not able to participate, they can delegate their vote to a participating section. Please note: One section can only have their own plus 1 delegated vote!

Related documents to these issues, like the complete agenda, the proposals etc. has been sent to each member section. The sections will be provided with the applications before the NP takes place, so that they have an appropriate time to study them.

You will need to provide the NB with a vote delegation form from your section / Student Union latest on Thursday 20th of August @ 17:00. You can find the delegation form from the Dropbox link share to the LRs.

Looking forward to a fruitful Skype NP!

Best regards,

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